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Candid T.O Video highlighting Skyzone Toronto

Hey fans!  Candid T.O did a video highlighting Skyzone Toronto, and they used two Every Spare Second songs for their soundtrack! Check out their video, and then show them some love by liking their facebook page.

TWO New Songs – 1 Brand New and 1 Remix!!

I just wanted to let you all know that there are two new songs posted on the Every Spare Second Reverbnation page for your listening pleasure!  The first one is a new recording of Tear Free, and the second is a completely new track that I think you’re all going to love!  It’s called “The Plan“, and I can’t wait for you all to hear it!

I really want to push “The Plan” as hard as we can, so if you could all help me out and share it with your friends, I’d be eternally grateful!  Tweet it, share it on facebook, post it on your tumblr, burn a CD and mail it to your grandma, ANYTHING you can do helps!   Thanks for all the support everybody!  We couldn’t do what we do without all of you!

Love all your faces,
– Tim

Every Spare Second at Stay Golden – June 29

Every Spare Second will once again be appearing at Stay Golden on June 29th at 7:00pm at Agincourt Baptist Church, 37 Glen Watford Drive, Scarborough, Ontario.  Admission is only $5.00.

Also on stage that night will be artists such as

… and the evening will be hosted by Johnny and Landie!

Stay Golden: Giving Underground Artists a Stage

Stay Golden is a community event that features local Hip Hop, spoken word, and musical artists. Our goal is to provide a venue for young artists.  We have featured a lot of talented local artists such as: EverySpareSecond, The John Romanis, Leetbeatz, D-mac, Mobi, and more.  The events are fun filled nights showcasing youth spreading positive energy.

Every Spare Second LIVE at Grace Church

Come check Every Spare Second out as we headline a show at Grace Presbyterian church on May 25th!

What else could even consider doing on a Friday night?!

The party starts at 7:00, so come hang out with us and make it a great night!

Ticket Price: FREE!!

Grace Church Presbyterian
447 Port Union Road
West Hill, Ontario M1C 2L6

Every Spare Second at “Rhyme Life Hip Hop Concert”

Every Spare Second will be performing a few acoustic songs at the “Rhyme Life Hip Hop Concert” at Don Valley Bible Chapel,  25 Axsmith Crescent, Toronto, ON on Friday, November 18th.  Doors open at 7:00pm and feature a number of other artists, including Dean West, Nevahurd, Woodz, Batista, Brizz, Reezy, Johnny & Landie, Mzz Sarah G, Rob Ellis, Shoolie & Jubilee.