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So who is Every Spare Second?  Well you’ve come to the right place to find out.

Every Spare Second is the creative brainchild of Tim Lahn.  Stylistically, it’s a blend of rock, electronic, punk and alternative, with experimental elements mixed in.

Tim has played for numerous bands over the years including The Offdays, Broken Telephone, The Noise, Varsity Blue, Mental Graffiti, and Defibrillator.  He played various roles in each band, playing drums, guitar, bass, vocals and occasionally playing keys.

Every Spare Second is Tim’s solo project.  His first album, Time EP, was a collection of songs he’d thrown together over the summer.  Every Spare Second is currently working on a new full length album entitled Oasis or Mirage.

Although Every Spare Second is officially only Tim, there is a whole team of people who contribute to the band.  Bethany Lahn provides occasional vocals.  Zachary Oulten and Nigel Chang have provided their creative services in working on cover art, graphics, and numerous photo shoots.  Murray Lahn has been instrumental in designing this web site.

ESS has teamed up with the Pop/Punk trio Hybrid Hymnal on a few occasions to record a remix and some fresh tunes.  Be sure to check them out!